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Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann

Home: Derekh Hebron 112/28,: Talpiot, 9348110
Jerusalem, Israel                                                             
Tel/fax- +972-2-6719335, mobile  +972-52-4436351   
email- miriamneiger@gmail.com  

Miriam Neiger Fleischmann
Born in Slovakia, 1948. Came to Israel,1949. Studied art at the ”Bezalel” academy, Jerusalem, 1977-1981 (B.F A).  Completed her master studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem magna cum laude (2008), and her PhD (2015) at the Hebrew University at the Hebrew literature department  about  the poetry of Avigdor Hameiri.  Lives and creates in Jerusalem.
Her works of art are found in the permanent collection of the Israel Museum, Haifa Museum, The national Museum of women in the arts Washington D.C.  Ben Gurion University, Mishkenot Sha’ananim and many Public and private collections in Israel and abroad.
She has published four volumes of poems in Hebrew: Words in a Visual Space (1992), Images Reproduced (1999), Material in No Man’s Land (2007), and Song for Miriam (2018). She has won several prizes in Israel. One volume in Hungarian translation, Száműzetés (Exile, 2002, trans. Zsuzsa Zalaba), appeared in Budapest. A volume of poems in English translation, Death of the King and Other Poems (2017, trans. Anthony Rudolf), appeared in Nottingham, England (Shoestring press). This volume was also translated from the English into Romanian by Victor Stir (2017).
 A volume of "Le poème de Miriam", translated by Michel Eckhard-Elial,  edition Levant, Montpellier, France, 2021.

Awards and scholarships
Visual art
1981 The Best Painting prize for graduate by gallery Linsen. Germany.
1885 The Young Artist prize (Ofer Feniger prize)
1992 Scholarship for the “Cite Internationale des Arts”, Paris.

1988 The Hershon prize for literature, the Hebrew University
1991 Prize of the Fund for Belles-Lettres, the municipality of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Foundation.
2003 Acum prize for anonymous handwriting in poetry.

Selected one person exhibitions

1983   The Israel Museum, Jerusalem - “Haunted environments”
1983   Gallery Gimel, Jerusalem - works on paper.
1984   Gallery Schumacher, Cologne, Germany - paintings, objects.
1985   Gallery Schumacher, Cologne, Germany -Drawing for “Siege”
1986   Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem - “Siege”
1986   Henry Street Settlement, New York - “Books”
1987   Aika Brown Gallery, Jerusalem - “Over the rainbow”
1987   Meimad katan Gallery, Tel Aviv - “Books”
1988   Avraham Baron Gallery, Ben-Gurion University - “Siege”
1989   Haifa Museum - “Chariot of Fire” ; “Against all the odds”
1989   Leonarda di Mauro Gallery, New York - works on  paper
1990   The Artists House, Jerusalem - “Chapters of observation”
1991   The Israel Museum, Jerusalem - “January 15 - February 28”
1992   Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv -works on paper
1992   Habama, Jerusalem -“Books”
1992   At Daphna Naor’s, Jerusalem - Painting
1993   Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris - “Victoire, Triomphe, Gloire”;
          “The remembering river”
1994   The Danube Museum , Komarno, Slovakia - “Jerusalem”
1995   The Artists House, Jerusalem -“Books”
1996   Borussia Dortmund Stadium, Germany “Neiger meets Braque”
1998   The National Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia. - Jerusalem
1999   Casa del Diezmo, Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico - Jerusalen, Fin del   
           Milenio - works on paper.
2000   The Artists House, Jerusalem - A Day Is Coming
           2002   Museo Gilardi, Tuscany, Forte Dei Marmi, Italy – Works on Paper
2003    Komaromi kisgaleria, Komarom, Hungary – works on paper
2007    Netanya Academic College - Jerusalem, Landscapes of the mind
2007    The Artist House, Jerusalem, Bordering on Embroidery
2007   Gallery IX Budapest, Hungary, Jerusalem, landscapes of the mind, works on paper.
2010   The Jewish museum of Hungary, Budapest, Jerusalem-Meanderings in Time.
2010-2011 Szeged, Debrecen, Hungary, Jerusalem-Meanderings in Time.
2014   The Danube Museum , Komarno, Solvakia, A memento from Marika.

Selected group exhibitions
1981  Artists  House, Jerusalem, - “Ulam no.1”
1981  The Tel Aviv Museum - “A Turning Point”
1982  The Israel Museum, Jerusalem - “Here and Now”
1982  The Haifa Museum - “Biennale for young artists”
1982  Artists House, Jerusalem - “Ulam no.9”
1982  Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv (3 artists)
1983  Traveling exhibition - Omanut la’am - “Red color”
1984  Visual Art Center, Be’er- Sheva - “Artists’ Studios”
1984  Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv- “Artists’ Studios”
1984  City Gallery Bocholts , Germany
1984  The Israel Museum - “80 Years of  Sculpture”
1985  Grand Palais, Paris - “Artists from Jerusalem”
1985  Aika Brown Gallery, Jerusalem - “Slaughtered Camel”(3 artists)
1985  The Artist House, Jerusalem - “Toward a Godless Myth”
1986  The Artist House, Jerusalem - “Self Portrait”
1986  International exhibition Budapest, Hungary - “Art of Today 1”
1986  Mercer 55, Soho, New York - “Art Israel,  the 80th
1987  International exhibition Budapest, Hungary - “Art of Today 2”
1987  U.S.A  traveling exhibition - “Art Israel , the 80th
1987  Kunstverein, Darmstadt, Germany - “Unseen Sculpture”
1987  U.N center, Vienna, Austria - “Artists’ Statements”   
1989  The Jerusalem Theater - “Israel Art Week”
1990  The National Museum of Women in The Arts, Washington D.C.,
          U.S.A.  - “Books As Art 3”
1990  The Jerusalem Theater - “Israel Art Month”
1990  International  exhibition  Budapest, Hungary - “Art of Today 3”
1991  6 Room Gallery, Jaffa - “Siege, The fight on the gate”
1991  Sf. Gheorghe, Romania - “Medium 2”
1992  Traveling exhibition - “From The Limits of The West”
1993  Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem -  “Touches”
1993  The Tower, Tel Aviv - sculptures
1993  Wine Festival, Rishon Le’Zion -  “Wine and Color”
1993  The Environment Museum, Petah Tikva, “Sculptured trash”
1993  The Yavne Art Workshop Gallery - “A Matchbox Enclosed”
1993  The Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod - “ A  Matchbox Enclosed”
1994  The Artists House, Jerusalem - “Art Fosters Art”
1995  Colegio de Arquitectos, Malaga, Spain - workshop -“Artists from
          the Mediterranean”
1996  Traveling exhibition - “Artists - Messengers of  Peace”
1996  “Yadayim” Artists’ Gallery, Jaffa  - “Healing The Breach 2”
1996   Gallery Ante ,Herdecke, Dortmund, Germany- “Black and Yellow”
1997   Palaco Ducla, Govio, Umbria, Italy - “Miniartura”
1997   Fingood gallery, West Valley, California, “Women of the Book”
           (in 1999 in Kutztown University, pennsylvania and in Philadelphia)
1998  Workshop in Jerusalem with  “Drap Art”  group from Barcelona.
1998  The Artists House, Jerusalem - “In The Name Of The Land, In The
          Name Of The Lord”
1999  “The  new Gallery”, Teddy soccer stadium, Jerusalem  “Wasteland”
1999  Givatayim Theater, “It Turns” works with CD
1999  Givatayim Theater, “B’teselem’s Ten-Year Anniversary exhibition”
1999  Nador street gallery, Komarno, Slovakia “Komarno as veduta”
2000  The Artists House, Jerusalem - 33X33
2000  The Tel-Aviv Performing Arts Center, “Milestones for Peace”
2000  The Jerusalem Theater, Identity Card - Israel 2000
2001   Gallery Limes, Komarno, Slovakia, international art symposium.
2002    Lions in Jerusalem.
2002  Flag art festival, Seoul, Korea. FIFA world cup.
2002  Markers 2, Electric pole as outdoor sculpture, Kassel, Germany and Ramat Gan.
2002  “Negohot” illustrations for the poetry of  U.Z. Greenberg. Jerusalem center.
2003  “Words on fire”, “Wemen of the Book”, Starr Gallery, Boston, USA
2003  “Wandering Library”, Venice Jewish Museum, to mark the Venice Biennale.
2003  Gallery Limes, Komarno, Slovakia, international art symposium.
2003  The Artist’s Studios, Jerusalem
2004  "Wandering Library" Holon Mediatheque, Holon
2004  Vth Bienal of Sacred Art, Roma (Italy), Siena (Italy), Carmona (Spain), Éciga       (Spain), Montoro(Spain), Almodovar Del Rio (Spain), Marchena (Spain)                         
2005 Women of the Book, Futernick art gallery, Miami, Florida,  Rutgers University, Camden, New Jersey, USA
2005 Gallery Limes, Komarno, Slovakia, international art symposium.
2006 Down Town Jerusalem, Gallery Barbur and In "The Yellow Submarine".
2007 Gallery Limes, Komarno, Slovakia, international art symposium.
2008 “Blue and white”, Mizel Museum, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A
2008 Olympic Fine Art, international exhibition, aside the Olympic games, Beijing, China
2012 Transmission notebook archive, (Curator -Doron Polak), Kassel, city of Documenta 
2019 The Cherry Orchard,  The Okashi Art Museum, Old Acre (Akko)